Finally a book about men, written by men for women.

- A how-to guide instructing women how MEN think and what MEN really want in a relationship. Real-life relationship advice in an easy to understand and execute manner. A book for women of all ages, sizes and color that has ever dreamed about finding a good man and keeping that man. Even if you already have a man, this book offers incite into the mentality of a man and how he views being in a relationship. This knowledge will further help you to keep your man satisfied at home and not out running the streets.

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Quotes from Book:

1 Don’t ask questions you really don’t want to know the answers to. (“Do I look fat in this dress?” is an argument waiting to happen. If you have to ask the question, you probably do!)

2 Don’t keep pictures of you and your ex around the house where your man can find them. (Especially if you happen to be naked in the photos.)

3 Don’t try to change him. (If you don’t like who he is, then find someone else. Only a man can change himself.)

4 Quit dressing like a “hootchie mamma,” especially if you are older than thirty-five. (Guys want a slut in the bedroom and a lady in public.)

5 Make better choices. (If you keep meeting assholes, change what you are doing and where you’re looking for a man.)

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ISBN#: 0-595-37633-9

Book Price: $11.95

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